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Western Cape Albinism and Hypo-pigment Foundation (WCAHF) was established in 2012 and registered in 2013. WCAHF was founded through experience of people with Albinism in the province of Western Cape.

It was during the national dialogue of person with albinism in Cape Town where the founder (Sylvia Mama) raised the concern that the lack of knowledge about the genetic condition still keeps many persons with albinism away of the society. She said the community where she grew up wants to be aware of the genetic condition of albinism to not use names calling such Inkawu or monkey. Consequently, she a registered organisation would allow person with albinism to raise public awareness to educate the large community and stand for the needs of persons with albinism in the province which are sometimes different to the needs of all low vsion for instance, sunscreen, spectacles software of augmentative readings.

The Minister of Social Development supported the idea and encouraged persons with albinism to stand for self -advocacy and form support group to express themselves and boost the self-esteem of others.

WCAHF aims to bring families together and educate communities about albinism.

WCAHF main objectives are to raise awareness within all communities regarding Albinism and the reasons that lead to children born with low pigment and how to take care of such children

To engage with and work with collaboration with organisations such as schools, hospitals and existing organisations dealing with albinism issues

To advocate for, encourage to accept, promote, support and inspire the inclusion of learners with albinism in mainstream schools

Promote skills development that prepares people with albinism to develop their personal independence and raise their self-esteem.